Android 7.1 image for UP Squared

System Versions

  1. Kernel version: 4.9.31
  2. Android version: 7.1.2 (Android-x86-7.0-r1)
  3. BIOS version: UPA1AM21 for UP Squared

Support Feature

  1. Support HDMI audio for UP Squared.
  2. Support I2S/I2C/GPIO/PWM/UART functions for HAT 40pins for UP Squared.
  3. Support 3 port USB
  4. Support LAN port
  5. Support SATA
  6. Support M.2/mini-PCIe

Support booting from UEFI and installing to UEFI disk.

Notice: while you are installing, please don’t use a wireless keyboard, please use a wired keyboard

Beta version limitation

  1. Not Support I2S Audio with HAT 40pin
  2. Not support MIPI CSI
  3. Not support MIPI DSI (eDP)
  4. Not support dual display (HDMI + MIPI LVDS & HDMI + eDP)

The user guide is included in the archive.

Android 7.1 Image
Android 7.1 Image