ubilinux Installer 4.0

The ubilinux 4.0 release, created by Emutex, based on Debian Stretch, includes support for multiple boards:

  • UP Board
  • UP Squared
  • UP Core

Please make sure you update the BIOS to the latest version available for each system before the ubilinux installation:

Be aware that the installer will boot automatically from USB and it will wipe and replace the eMMC content of your system unless you select interactive install.

For a step by step guide, please follow our tutorials available on the UP Wiki: https://up-community.org/wiki/Ubilinux


As ubilinux is a Debian derivative distribution, the licenses details are available from the Debian Licenses page: https://www.debian.org/legal/licenses/

upm: https://github.com/intel-iot-devkit/upm

mraa: https://github.com/intel-iot-devkit/mraa

rpi.gpio: https://sourceforge.net/p/raspberry-gpio-python/wiki/Home/