UP Android 6.0 (Android-IA)

System Versions :

1. Kernel version: 3.14.55

2. Android version: 6.0.1 (Android-IA 6.0.1), based on Intel Android BSP release. This image can be modified/customised for projects upon request.

Support Feature

  1. Support HDMI audio for UP board.
  2. Support 28 pins GPIO for UP board.
  3. Support 4 port USB and USB OTG host mode.
  4. Support LAN port.
  5. Support OpenGL ES hardware acceleration.
  6. Support booting from UEFI and installing to UEFI disk.

Beta version limitation:

  1. USB OTG client mode doesn’t work.
  2. MIPI DSI and CSI doesn’t work.
  3. I2C doesn’t work.
  4. I2S doesn’t work.
  5. SPI doesn’t work.
  6. PWM doesn’t work.
  7. UART doesn’t work.
  8. not include google play store