The list of changes is available in the history.txt file from the bios archive.


  • This BIOS is only compatible with the 2GB and 4GB RAM version of UP Board.
  • Please make sure your UP BIOS has BIOS R1.1 or newer currently installed before proceeding. If your UP BIOS is older, please update to BIOS R1.1 first.
  • Remove all other bootable devices except USB drive containing this BIOS package. Otherwise, you may need to change to different drive label (fs0, fs2…etc) instead of “fs1:” in step 3

BIOS update SOP –
1. Put files from BIOS package into UEFI bootable USB drive.
2. Power on board with USB drive attached.
3. Select boot for shell loader in USB drive (or Built-in Shell if present).
4. Move operating directory to USB drive (fs1 or other labels)
SHELL> fs1:
5. Enter the directory with BIOS file and update batch
6. To update your current BIOS: fs1>GO.nsh
7. Confirm update procedure is completed without problem
8. Reboot system

Or you can read the detailed tutorial in our wiki.