UP Squared / UP Core Plus Windows IoT Core up-apl_20211215

Executive Summary
Windows IoT, formerly Windows Embedded, is a family of operating systems from Microsoft designed
for use in embedded systems. To release Windows IoT Core for end user installations, manufacturers
must package and release an FFU image that is compatible with the specific boards, BIOS and drivers.
UP has released an FFU image specific to the UP Squared device that requires the latest BIOS to be installed.

Please check the latest BIOS available for UP Squared before proceeding with the installation.

We will follow an alternative method to flash the FFU image to a USB device using DISM instead of
Microsoft’s IoT Dashboard. Alternatively, advanced users can use a Microsoft WinPE USB device and
flash the FFU image directly to the onboard eMMC storage. The UP Team may release instructions for
flashing the eMMC at a later time as it is out of scope for this document.

To enable EAPI GPIO/I2C/PWM support you can install the Up Framework
SPI interface works with Windows API, but you must change BIOS boot option to Windows IoT Core,
Uart interface also works with Windows API.