UP Xtreme UEFI BIOS V2.1

Please do “Entire Firmware Re-Flash” (GO_Entire.nsh) if your current version is earlier than the current version (1.9) or if reverting from Debug BIOS.
Otherwise, simply use the normal procedure (GO.nsh)  for re-flashing the same BIOS.

BIOS update SOP 
Step 1: Put files from BIOS package into UEFI bootable USB drive
Step 2:  Power onboard with the USB drive attached
Step 3: Enter BIOS Setup by Administrator Mode (Password : “upassw0rd”)
Step 4: Change Option ; “Me FW Re-Flash” from Disabled to Enabled
(which is located at Main -> CRB Setup -> CRB Advanced -> PCH-FW Configuration -> Firmware Update Configuration)
Step 5: Save & Reset (Press F4), and boot to uEFI Shell directly
Step 6: Move operating directory to USB drive (fs0 or other labels)
SHELL> fs0:
Step 7: Excute the batch file ; GO_Entire.nsh
Step 8: After all process completed, the system must power off to have the changes take effect!


Changes from previous version:

  1.  Updated Intel CPU Microcode
  2.  Support new Micron SPD MT40A1G16TB-062E:F

For changelog from previously published versions, refer History.txt